Intro & a little Facebooking

Long time blog reader. First time blog owner. That’s me – Nicole – and I’m blogging for my West Virginia University IMC Program class, Emerging Media and the Market. Although my class is through West Virginia University, I live and work in North Canton, Ohio. I work for a web development firm where I am a full-time Marketing Specialist.

Each person in my class is required to blog about emerging media topics of their choice for the next nine weeks. Starting this class has given me the opportunity to reflect on how active I have become in social media over the past several years, something I never would have expected when Facebook wasn’t a household “brand,” movie topic, or even – open for me to join.

I will never forget the weekend Walsh, the small, Ohio Catholic University I attended, became a Facebook-approved school. You see, in 2006, when I was a junior in college, Facebook had to “approve” the university you attended to be considered a member of the social networking site. Once your school was approved, you had to apply to be a member and Facebook had to confirm your enrollment via an email sent to you at your school’s domain.

My roommate, and college BFF, Lila, talked me into joining. I really didn’t understand the purpose at the time. I just joined to see what it was all about. 5 years later, I log onto Facebook multiple times a day, use it to promote happenings at work and consider it my main way to stay in touch with friends.

Who knew that a major part of my world would revolve around what is now known as social networking? In 2006, Facebook was something we all hid from our parents and didn’t mind when photos from the previous night’s festivities were posted, because the only people that could see them were most likely at the party, too. In 2011, odds are your parents are actually on Facebook and your privacy settings are probably so strict, people might not even see a photo of you…ever.   

I’m lucky to have seen all the changes in the site from the beginning. What once was a way for us to see party pictures and relationship statuses has now become a verb, not to mention a widely accepted form of communication and a priceless marketing tool for business owners.


About nicolehagy

I am a marketing professional living in Northeast Ohio. I enjoy playing tennis, learning new things and traveling.
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One Response to Intro & a little Facebooking

  1. knektus says:

    I think that your perspective is very cool. After seeing The Social Network, I can see how “The Facebook” in its purest, original form would be wonderful to have on a campus. I am however pretty grateful it evolved the way it did. I honestly can’t imagine an easier way to keep up on my complex web of relationships in this modern world. Your comment reminded me of my sister, who has a soft spot for 90210 (the original “good” one!) Apparently her age and grade exactly paralleled the characters, so when it went off the air it was really emotional for her. Not that you are emotional about Facebook, but there is something unique to be able to claim you were one of the first users of it in its original form.

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