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Customer Service, Social Networking & Small Businesses

Although I’ve been on Facebook for about five years, and Twitter for a few months, my parents were anti-social networking for a long time. The ultra-conservative duo viewed social networking as a “way to get your identity stolen” and just … Continue reading

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How Ohio Libraries Were Saved Through Viral Marketing

As I stated in a previous post, I used to work in the marketing department of my local library. A library connection I have posted this video on Facebook, and six months after seeing it, still makes me smile. This video … Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing & FourSquare

Mobile marketing is a great way to make it easy for customers to find deals! Within the past year, the social networking platform, FourSquare, has made it easy for businesses to know who’s visiting their store(s) or restaurant(s) and find … Continue reading

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“What’s the Internet” to “I can’t live without it”

Someone at work shared this video via their Facebook page, which fits perfectly into this week’s IMC 619 topic. In 1994, respected journalists, Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel didn’t know what the Internet was. Today, Couric and Gumbel have their … Continue reading

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Intellectual Property & Freelancers

The web makes it easy to steal images, words and even designs, but in reality, the web also makes it easy to catch plagiarizers. Let’s say a student steals a paper online. By simply typing in a sentence or two … Continue reading

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