“What’s the Internet” to “I can’t live without it”

Someone at work shared this video via their Facebook page, which fits perfectly into this week’s IMC 619 topic.

In 1994, respected journalists, Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel didn’t know what the Internet was. Today, Couric and Gumbel have their own Twitter pages.

In fact, the Internet is one of the most effective ways to advertise to consumers. Types of advertising on the Internet include banner ads, viral marketing, widgets and of course, corporate websites.

Corporations can do much more than have a website promoting their brand – they can utilize social networking. Specifically, Whole Foods does a wonderful job of using Twitter as a customer service tool. They respond to customers’ tweets with fixes to their customer service problems. As shown below, they also use it to address questions and rumors.

Non-traditional corporations are utilizing social networking, too. I worked in a library for 3 years (I’m still a library girl at heart) and I watched our social media go from being a small way to promote happenings to the first place we would post unexpected closings, large events and really – anything else we  thought our patrons would like to know. Although we didn’t do this during my time at the library, Twitter can used to answer reference questions and to help patrons find out information only a library would know.

Although 1994 wasn’t that long ago in theory, seeing the video of educated and respected journalists ask someone to define the Internet, which today is something many simply couldn’t live without, makes us realize what a terrific resource the Internet is for people in all professions.


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I am a marketing professional living in Northeast Ohio. I enjoy playing tennis, learning new things and traveling.
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One Response to “What’s the Internet” to “I can’t live without it”

  1. meghakes says:

    This video is too ironic! I wonder what we are asking today that in 15 years will be an everyday must. Every in the last 5 years Facebook and Twitter have been examples of this phenomenon. The pace of technology is amazing… it took decades to go from the radio to the tv to computers. But to go from Internet to computer/phones to social media years.

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