Customer Service, Social Networking & Small Businesses

Although I’ve been on Facebook for about five years, and Twitter for a few months, my parents were anti-social networking for a long time. The ultra-conservative duo viewed social networking as a “way to get your identity stolen” and just a bad idea in general. My dad worked at a college during the start of Facebook and often heard about cyber-bullying, inappropriate photos, suicidal status updates and much more associated with people’s presence on the site. Although I was on Facebook, I never tried to correct him on the benefits of the site.

My parents better understood Facebook last year on my 25th birthday. I ordered my cake from a local bakery and my mom picked it up for me. Upon arriving, the salesperson told my mom they recognized my name from being a fan of the bakery on Facebook and gave us a $5 discount. Anytime anyone mentions Facebook, the bakery, or business strategies, my mom chimes in with this story. This event proved to them, and me of course, the benefits of a business having a social networking presence. This is local business marketing at its best, and the efforts it took to monitor their social networking proved to be beneficial to their reputation.

Really, all small businesses who want to build a relationship with their customers should be using social networking. According to, interacting with each fan on a personal basis is one of the best things a company can do.

In fact, Facebook is the favored marketing tool among small business owners and this is in part of the promotion of Facebook Places, similar to FourSquare.


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I am a marketing professional living in Northeast Ohio. I enjoy playing tennis, learning new things and traveling.
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3 Responses to Customer Service, Social Networking & Small Businesses

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  2. kkwatson says:

    “The ultra-conservative duo” made me laugh. My parents are the same way…but I’m glad your mom had a positive experience with Facebook! I’ll pass the example on and hopefully get them more involved in the media that are changing the world.

  3. Stephanie says:

    This is a great example of HOW companies should be utilizing social media! Now, the bakery is probably fairly small, and they probably don’t have thousands and thousands of fans.. so they can remember your face and name. But even still, this was great for a small business- and your mom is happily telling others about the experience, which also leads to word of mouth advertising.

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