Music Marketing & Social Networking

My favorite band growing up (and still one of my favs now) was Evan and Jaron. They are twin brothers who are considered one-hit-wonders but I was a fan long before they were “Crazy For This Girl” in 2000. In fact, I started listening to them before the Internet was standard in everyone’s homes in 1997.

When my favorite band was dropped by their record label in the 2000s, they created a true social networking gem entitled “52 Sundays.” Each Sunday for one year, Evan and Jaron released a new song on MySpace (remember MySpace?). This event proved to be a great way for Evan and Jaron to share their passion, make their fans happy and gain a few new followers along the way during a transition period. Bloggers caught on and realized this was a unique approach to sharing music, and an approach successful before the social networking buzz caught on.

Half of the duo, Jaron, also has a YouTube presence thanks to a video stint with Debbie Gibson that has acquired over 120,000 hits in one year.

Today, Jaron (sans Evan) is back on the music charts, in part to the bands presence on MySpace when their career was struggling. Facebook has also been used for a number of years to successfully spread word of new songs and happenings.

Would Evan & Jaron (and now, Jaron and the Long Road to Love) have continued to share music successfully if social networking and its cost-effective benefits hadn’t allowed them to do so? That’s hard to tell, but I for one am happy the duo got creative and benefited from a combination of MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and of course – catchy tunes.


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I am a marketing professional living in Northeast Ohio. I enjoy playing tennis, learning new things and traveling.
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