Big City Marketing

I spent the past few days in New York City and had a ball. I stayed in a hotel a block from Times Square and did lots of touristy things. I kept having to remind myself I was really in NYC because I had wanted to visit for so long.

Every inch of Times Square was covered in advertising and it was wonderful to be there as I’m taking the class Emerging Media and the Market. NYC is truly the hub of trendy and up-and-coming developments but one thing I really did notice was the “old-school marketing” techniques – everything from flashy signs to pamphlets to canvassers. There seemed to be a lack of social media promotions in store fronts, on literature, and I didn’t visit one business that was promoting their presence on Facebook, Twitter or FourSquare.

This made me think – are New Yorkers too cool for social media? Could the city be so busy that the more traditional marketing approaches are what get through to locals as well as tourists like me? Or maybe, the businesses don’t see a need in having a social media presence because they’re already successful with their current approaches?

In fact, I had booked my hotel a few weeks before leaving, and this past weekend, a co-worker put on Facebook he was looking for a place to stay in NYC and someone recommended the hotel I had booked (I was someone who researched hotels for a week straight and second guessed my decision – seeing that recommendation made me smile). The hotel doesn’t have a Facebook page and their website is less than perfect, but obviously, word of mouth made me realize I made a good choice in my decision, and if I go back to NYC, that would be my first pick on a place to stay.

Obviously, NYC does well with its traditional marketing approaches as countless tourists flock there each year to see the flashy Times Square, visit the slice of heaven that is Central Park, eat some awesome pizza and of course, have an experience like no other.


About nicolehagy

I am a marketing professional living in Northeast Ohio. I enjoy playing tennis, learning new things and traveling.
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