Product Placement & Celebrity Apprentice

I’m not a reality TV junkie; however, I do like some reality competition shows, including Celebrity Apprentice. I knew product placement in Celebrity Apprentice was outstanding, but a recently published article admits that the show used 120 mentions of products in its April episodes! 120 mentions is much more than I ever would have imagined.

The chart below that describes what other shows use product placement in an extreme way:

product placement Nielsen

Not fimiliar with Celebrity Apprentice? The video below shows how a product is introduced to the celebrity team and a sample of what they expect out of the team’s presentation:

I must admit, their product placements have “sucked me in” in the past. I remember one episode in 2008 that introduced new Quizno’s sandwiches. Of course, I had to go and try these for myself, and according to a Quizno’s press release, this marketing technique brought a lot of new people into the restaurant chain.

Tomorrow is the Celebrity Apprentice finale and I’m quite excited to see how much exposure 7UP, the product featured in the challenge, receives throughout the program. Will I, along with many others, be subconsciously placing 7UP in grocery carts on upcoming shopping trips? We’ll have to wait and see…


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